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Healthy Employee - Successful Company

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Investing in employees is a crucial step towards long-term success for any company. According to research from the Workforce Institute, companies that invest in their employees reap extraordinary benefits. This study has shown that organizations that properly support and develop their employees achieve better results in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Here are several key reasons why investing in employees is essential:


Increasing productivity

Employees who feel supported and motivated perform their jobs more efficiently, which directly affects the company's productivity.


Talent retention

Investments in the development of skills and career development of employees help to retain key talent in the company, thereby reducing the cost of recruiting and training new employees.


Better customer satisfaction

Happy employees are more likely to provide outstanding customer service. This leads to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Reduction of fluctuation

Through investments in career development, employees feel valued and connected to the company, thereby reducing labor turnover.
Investing in employees is not only a moral obligation, but also a strategic move that contributes to the long-term success of the company. Companies that recognize the importance of developing their employees achieve competitive advantages in the market and achieve sustainable growth.

Therapy Sessions
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What do the studies say?

Research published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology in 2017 found that psychotherapy can improve work efficiency and employee engagement. Workers who underwent psychotherapy showed a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety, increased self-confidence and better stress management, resulting in greater productivity and job satisfaction.

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Who are we?

Safe Contact offers your company a healthier environment, more productive employees, who are more efficient and psychologically stable. Through online or live trainings, webinars and psycho-educational workshops, you invest in people, and in 2020 the company Deloitte published a report indicating that every POUND invested in the mental health of employees can bring an average return on investment of FIVE POUNDS

Your employee with us
can overcome

The programs we designed specifically for companies enable your employees to have great metal health, clarity, peace and stability, and you as a company a more satisfied, efficient and productive employee.




Lack of self-confidence




BurnOut syndrome



Safe Contact is a real investment. We see better productivity, happier employees and a positive impact on our company.

Jelena K.

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