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What do we offer?

Safe Contact represents your partner in improving employees and business performance. Our company offers various forms of training, webinars, lectures and psychological education, both live and online, adapted to the specific needs of your company. Why is this important? Because investing in your employees directly affects your business and achieving top results.

​1. Increase in productivity and efficiency: According to research by McKinsey & Company, investing in continuing education of employees can increase their productivity by 10% to 25%. Our training programs and webinars provide an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge, which is immediately transferred to business tasks.

​2. Reduced turnover and costs: According to a study by Employee Benefit News, organizations that offer training and development to their employees have up to a 34% lower turnover rate. Reducing employee turnover reduces the cost of recruiting and training new employees, thereby conserving company resources.

​3. Improving teamwork and communication: Google's research on productive teams showed that a key factor for achieving success is good mutual communication. Our team building and communication programs help create harmonious and effective teams.

​4. Developing leaders for the future: Harvard Business Review points out that organizations that invest in leadership development achieve competitive advantages. Our leadership training programs equip your staff to lead the company to success.

​5. Increasing employee satisfaction: Studies show that satisfied employees are more inclined to stay in the company, better cooperation and engagement. Our psychological education and lectures promote the well-being and emotional health of your employees.

By investing in the education and development of your employees, you are entering the future of your company. Siguran Kontakt is here to provide the expertise and support to realize these key benefits and become a leader in your industry. Our offer of training and education is adaptable and provides the right tool for achieving your business goals.

In our offer you can find:

If you are interested, contact us via email to get more information about our offer.

When contacting us, please state what you are interested in, how many people your team consists of and whether you are interested in live or online well-being workshops.

"In the business world, mental health is not only a human priority, but also a business necessity. Only in an environment where the mental well-being of employees is nurtured, can we achieve true productivity and creativity."

- Richard Branson

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